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Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom With Space Theme

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Kids are getting smarter and hence they dream for a particular ambition since day one itself. If your kid is dreaming to become an astronaut or a space scientist or something similar, you can always provide that extra boost to motivate him or her even better.

space themed bedroom

How can you do that?

One of the best ways is to decorate the bedroom using the space theme. There are a number of ways how you can turn your kid’s bedroom into something that which relate to space and astronomy.

Starting with the Walls

One of the best ways to decorate your room well is by painting your walls well. If the right shades are chosen for the room, it reflects the exact theme that you have chosen. If it is about creating a space theme for your kid’s room, the color blue is the perfect shade that you can have for the walls.

If the shade blue is getting too dark and you wish to have a lighter tone, you can paint one of the walls with the darker shade and the others with a lighter one.


The Wall Decorations

If the room space is not much, it is no point decorating it with accessories. In this case, what you can do is to decorate the walls well to offer a nice space themed bedroom look.

You can use your creativity to paint different planets or the half solar system to provide a look of the space.

There are also wall decors available today that you just have to stick on the walls and the look can be completed well.


The Ceiling

When the walls are done, the ceiling is again another thing that should be considered. When you kid of trying to sleep, he or she sees the ceiling and hence getting an effect on the ceiling is a must. There are a number of things that can be done with the ceiling such as creating a starry night effect or also hanging planets from the ceilings.

Another great idea is to create an effect of being inside a spacecraft. For this, the walls and the ceilings can be painted in silver or grey shades and there can be windows made on the wall or the ceiling. Within the borders of the windows made, you can create an illusion of the outer space through painting or by pasting stickers.

Source: @life_as_miss_b
Source: StellaMurals

The Furniture

The furniture plays an important role when you are decorating a room based on a particular theme. There are different options of furniture that you can get such as rocket-shaped seating space.

You can also get amazing options such as bean bags or others that are made in the form of planets or some other items from the space.


The Upholstery

If you are decorating the walls, the ceilings, the furniture, and so on, keeping the upholstery as it is can destroy the look. You should make sure that the upholstery of the room such as the curtains, the bedsheet, and so on is complimenting the look of the room.

Source: @sophielouisegoldthorpe

If you have painted the walls with dark blue, you can have curtains of the same bluish shade with sparkling stars on them. When the curtains are closed to cover the windows at night, it offers an amazing look of a constellation.

Similarly, you can have a bedsheet that has a solar system on it, if the bed is kept at the center of the room. If the bed is not on the center, you can have a bedsheet that is matching up with the walls or the ceilings of the room.

Source: @snurk_usa

Rugs can play an amazing role while creating an illusion of a space themed bedroom. You can have a rug that is of the shape of the moon and keep it near the door.

The Lighting of the Room

How can you forget the lightings when you are creating a space themed bedroom? There are some of the greatest options available in case of the lighting of such a room. If you are hanging planets from the ceiling, you can add up lights in these planets. If you have a ceiling with starry night effects, these can also have slight lighting that can act as a night light to illuminate the room slightly while the kid is sleeping.


You can also have different planets shaped lights on the walls while the bed is in the middle and it has the bedsheet of a solar system. Of course, tube lights can be also used to provide more brightness to the room. These tube lights can be covered inside small rockets on the walls.

Willing to have table lamps or side lamps? You can have an amazing number of options in this section again. You can have a rocket ready to be launched on the table inside which there can be a table lamp.

Source: LightingBySara

Again, there can be a rotating side lamp that has small holes in it. When the main lights are switched off, this rotating light can produce an effect of a starry night on the dark walls of the room. Imagine the view of how mesmerizing will it be.

There are also a number of people who try out the moonlight effect too in the room. There are moon shaped lights whose lights can be controlled from bright to dull. These can be installed on the walls just behind the bed. For brighter light, it can be turned on to bright. To have a night light effect, it can be turned to dull.

Hence, there are so many amazing ideas that can be actually used to create your amazing space themed bedroom for your kids. There are a number of people who may think that it is going to be an expensive event. But if you try out a bit of thing such as mentioned above, you can create the kid’s space themed bedroom on your own and that also without investing much into it. You just need to keep your creative minds open and the knowledge about interior designing updated.