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How to Pick the Perfect Grey Paint?

A number of individuals today prefer to select the shade grey due to its sophisticated and sleek feature. Also, it happens to offer a neutral background to all the accessories that you have for the decoration purpose.

Is picking the perfect grey paint the only thing that can offer you a perfect masterpiece on your wall? It is not! It has to be the perfect shade for different places depending upon a number of factors. Here are some of the tricks that can be helpful in selecting the right grey shade.

Getting the Right Mix of Colors

Though grey is a combination of the two shades black and white but there are different shades of grey available because they have different colors mixed in them. The colors combined in a particular shade also judge the warmth of the shade. Hence, it is important to check out the right location of the right shade. If you have a room that you wish to have a warm atmosphere such as the bedroom, you can paint the walls with a grey shade that has colors like orange or yellow mixed in it as it offers warmth to your vision. Similarly, if you wish to offer areas such as the kitchen a bit of cooling effect, it is ideal to paint the walls with a grey tone that has a bluish touch, as this makes the shade a bit cooler.

There can be also a number of places where you cannot be sure whether you wish to have a warmer environment or a cooler one such as the porch. During the day time when the sun is high, you may wish to have a relaxing feel while at nights; you may wish to have a cozier one. For such areas, having a grey shade with the tint of greenish shade can actually help.

There are also many shades that offer a different look when the sun rays reflect through them. Often having such a shade on your east and west wall offers you a silver look on the eastern side while a golden look on the western side wall.

Combination of Light And Dark

The grey shade is available in various ranges such as a much lighter tone and also a darker shade that may match up with the charcoal. It depends on a number of factors in order to make use of the right shade of grey in the room. For example, if it a small room, light shade of grey is the perfect thing to use as it reflects light and makes the room much brighter than what it is.

Also, at times such lighter shades are also used in open spaces with a combination of accessories so that the open space can open up even more and it can serve as a place where people can have some great time sitting and sipping tea. One of the best examples is that of a porch. Lighter shades can be used in a small porch so that the area looks much bigger than exactly what it is.

The darker shades of grey have its own magic. Use it in the bedroom to get a much cozier atmosphere. It can be also used in the living room to offer a great cocooning like feel so that the
guests can have a comfortable time out there. The furniture and the accessories can be set according to the dark shade in order to provide a perfect look and feel to the room.

It is not that the lighter shades are the only thing that should be used in the smaller rooms and the darker shades are only for the bigger rooms. A combination of both light and dark shades can also create some great masterpieces. For wooden flooring, the ceiling can be just painted with the darker shade and the wall can be left with the lighter shade. This makes the focus diverted to the flooring and hence you can show off your wooden work in the room.

Similarly, there are also options where one single wall of the room can be painted in a dark shade while other walls can be painted in a lighter tone. This reflects the light in different ways and creates different illusions during different time of the day.

Adding the Accents with Cooler Tones

If you are about to use accents in the room, choosing the perfect shade of grey is the best thing that you can do. Grey shades with cooler tones act great with options such as wooden floor or limestone slabs in the room, and so on. On the other hand, if there are options such as marble slabs or steel accessories on the wall, having a shade with warmer tone is the option that is best to be used.

Putting up a portrait in middle of the wall is something that many of the people love to have. Selecting the right shade of grey can actually help well in having such a thing done and that too in the prettiest way.

Testing Before Finalizing

The tricks offered in the above sections are great to be used. Also, there are times when some kind of moderation in the tricks can also help in getting the right and perfect result. But one of the best things that can be done is to make a test first in order to get the right result that can be finalized.

To do so, a small square of the wall can be painted in the shade that you think will be great on it. Allow it to dry for about 24 hours because the shades tend to change colors when they dry up completely. Based on how it is looking after the final appearance, you can select the shades for your wall.

Having a well decorated house is a dream that everyone has. Having the right shades on the wall is one of the major things that you need to do to get such a dream achieved. Among various colors available, grey is the one that can offer you some really great looks. You just need to check out the various options and select the right shade for the right wall.

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