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Choosing The Best Paint Colors For Living Room

The living room is without a doubt one of the most significant and favorite parts of the house when it comes to design and comfort. It is the first thing guests and visitors see when they enter the house and it is also the spot where they are entertained.
Whether you are living in a modern or an old style house, it is essential that you take care of it very well because it is the place where you will spend almost half of your life.

best paint colors for living room

Painting is evidently an easy and cheap way to transform the interior design of a house. It gives the room a specific kind of ambiance and it could also objectively increase the value of your home. Painting the walls of the house is also one of the cheapest renovations that you can make when you are on a low budget.

Taking care of your walls by repainting them after a couple of years does not only make the house attractive once again but it also preserves the basics of the house. Plus, having an aesthetically pleasing living room makes it more enjoyable for you, your family members, and your friends to spend time together.

At times, living rooms may reflect the personality of the homeowner with the way they are designed and the choice of colors used. For instance, when you see that the living room is colorful and bright and it contains many entertainment devices, you can say that the owner could be cheerful and loves fun.

Living Room Paint Colors

Having a gorgeous and comfortable living room is undeniably gratifying. After long hours of work from outside, the relaxing feeling it provides can help alleviate stress. For guests, it can make them feel more at home. They may even want to take photos of it and post them over the internet.

However, achieving this kind of arrangement takes time, effort, and a wonderful choice of living room colors. A lot of homeowners have a hard time decorating their living areas due to several reasons – one of which is choosing the perfect living room colors that would match their furniture and ornaments. Not all of us are born artistic and it could be really difficult for you if you are not prepared and knowledgeable of what you will do.

Truly, hiring an interior designer to plan and arrange your room can be a little bit costly. Hence, to help you achieve your dream living room at ease while saving some cash, here are some tips that you can follow when choosing living room colors.

Collect ideas and choose your theme

One pretty good way to have a realistic view of your desired living space is to search for living room colors and design ideas that you would like to apply on your own.

Decide what kind of theme you would like to have. There are various design styles that you could choose from – contemporary, vintage, rustic, Mediterranean, country, modern, minimalistic, and so forth.

By collecting design ideas, it would be easier for you to picture what theme goes best with the size of your living room, its existing features, and its lighting.

Each type has its own set of colors that kind of convey the theme. For example, white symbolizes a modern color. So when you see a room with crisp white walls, you can say that it displays a modern theme.

On the other hand, black can be an excellent option if you want your living room to have a dramatic effect theme. If you’re looking for something that provides a calming effect theme in your living space, you must choose blue as your paint color.  

However, you can also use different color combinations if you want a unique color theme for your living room. For example, if you like a beachy living room color scheme, painting your space with brilliant turquoise with a hint of pink and yellow can create a sea-inspired look.  

Indeed, there are many ideas to consider when selecting the best paint colors for your living room. But whatever you choose, make sure it sets your room’s tone and makes the whole space cozy and inviting.   

Sky Blue Accent Wall in Living Room

Consider your permanent features

Once we already bought a set of furniture or a large carpet, we do not have a choice but to use it for quite a couple of years, practically to make the most out of it especially if they are a bit expensive.

Thus, it is important that you consider the type and color of the furniture already existing in your living room so you can identify what color schemes would go along with your living room design.

Take note of the features that you will leave permanent and those that you think you would change in the future. If your carpet has a shade of blue, choose a paint scheme that would complement the color blue.

Typically, wooden furniture goes well with any color. Same as with black and white furniture, you can even create your own color palette to make sure that your color choices are balanced and complementing.

For example, painting your coffee table with black and pairing it with white cushions or chairs can give your living room an elegant, contemporary appearance. 

Measure your space

If you only have a small space, might as well pick light colors for your walls. Light colors especially white paint tend to make the space look bigger and more refreshing. It is known for a fact that light colors make a small room look wider, brighter and cleaner because they are more reflective. On the other hand, dark colors like grey paint and the like tend to absorb light which makes the room look smaller.

Take a small sample first

Before settling down with a specific color, you must take a sample of the color first. Apply a small part and examine its color absorption on the accent wall. Basically, you will see the real color and texture when natural light shines on it. The paint could become darker or lighter so you better test a small portion first before finally deciding on painting your living room walls.

Mix a small sample of the paint then brush it on a wall corner then wait for it to dry first. Observe how day and night lighting affects the color of the paint. Repeat the same steps until you achieve your desired shade. You don’t want to waste your time, effort, and gallons of paint for a wrong color you have to settle with.

However, it’s essential to know that taking a sample of the paint color doesn’t have to consume gallons of paint. Several paint color samples are available to help you choose the right colors for your living room, thereby eliminating the stress of wrong choices. 

For instance, paints, like Benjamin Moore paint sample, come in various colors that you can quickly try and experiment with to ensure you get the right one for your living room. This can also allow you to make the necessary choices before painting your entire living room.  

Try ‘Wall Color Paint Apps’

If you are not really sure with what you are doing and you don’t trust yourself with this kind of job, you might want to try using wall color paint apps. Using this does not only save your time but it also allows you to see the expected overall result of the room in an instant.

Good thing, technology makes everything accessible and with these apps, it can provide you with almost everything you want in just one click.

There are a lot of apps today that are available over the internet market; you just have to download them. Through these apps, you can be able to choose and edit different living room colors that you like. You can also calculate how many gallons of paint you would need for your living room, making everything easier for you.

Stick with the neutrals

One of the easiest ways is to stick with the basics. Among all choices, you may want to invest more on neutral paint colors because they are timeless. They never go out of style and they are not difficult to mix and match with other color combinations.

Neutral colors mainly comprise of the colors white, black, and grey. Since they all represent the colors of the earth, beige and brown were also included. Neutrals are an exceptional decorating basis of anything. You won’t run out of designs since they can be merged in varying hues.


The living room is considered as the center of the home. It is the part of the house where you, your family, guests, and visitors unite. It is the spot frequently used for reunions, gatherings, and entertainment. Indeed, it serves several purposes which is why it must be taken care of just as you take care of your personal belongings.

Living rooms, nowadays, are ground-breaking. Numerous interior designers all over the world have integrated different tools and materials in their designs as years evolved. Large displays and decorations were updated. Yet, painting walls have always remained the highlight of living room designs.

Apparently, certain colors can affect a person’s mood and emotion according to a number of interior designers. They give an impression to other people especially guests.

Choosing the right living room colors can be a little bit challenging. However, you must always go where it is more convenient for you and your budget.

Also, there are several paint ideas available on magazines and the internet which makes it easier for you to choose. Ideally, learning about the standard color wheel and color palettes could really be a smart decision.

There are many helpful and creative ways in choosing the right color for your living area; you just have to know the basic tips.

Popular colors used in every living room starts from the neutrals and pastels. If you opt for abstract or modern colors, you can mix bright and dark ones. Don’t be afraid to be unique. After all, it is your own living room and you can do whatever you want with it.

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