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How to Choose Furniture for Living Room

A living room is a space to wind down and watch TV, spend time with family and entertain guests. It is also the first room that visitors enter into and sets the tone for the other rooms. Being that it serves so many functions, it is important to choose the right furniture for this room. There are a variety of choices available in living room furniture, so here are a few tips to help you decide.

Understand your needs

The first and foremost task for choosing the right furniture is to understand your needs. Are you a person who loves to entertain? Then an arrangement with loose furniture might be more suited to your needs.

A sectional sofa with a coffee table is great for small families and couples, and a recliner sofa works well for a single adult or couple who likes to come home and relax watching TV. Choose a sofa that is deep and cushy if it tends to be used for unwinding and a flatter shallow one if it’s used sparingly or for formal occasions.

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Choose coffee tables with storage if you have children or one that can be used as a display for more formal settings. If you tend to put your feet up on the coffee table, avoid surfaces that are delicate or will scratch or stain.

Decide on the size and style

Determining your design style will save you a lot of trouble when it comes to buying the furniture. If you have existing furniture, figure out a style that goes with it so that your furniture pieces are not clashing with each other.

The size and style of the furniture should also be determined based on the size of the room. If your room is small, make sure to choose furniture that is not large or overpowering, and leaves enough space to move around in between.

Minimal style furniture helps light filter through in smaller rooms, making them appear more spacious.

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Choose the fabric

There are a large number of fa that can be chosen from. Cotton and linen are natural fibers that are comfortable to use but have a tendency to wrinkle and stain. They can be treated to be resistant to stain but will still have limited durability.

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They make better choices for furniture that are used occasionally. Leather, while expensive, has been a favorite for sofas and other seating for a long time, mainly due to its ability to look good and last long. A wider variety of colors and textures are now available to choose from in leather as compared to before.

Microfiber is a more economical option that works just as well as leather, with the added benefit of stain resistance. These make great choices for families with young children or pets as any spills on the sofa can be wiped clean.

Choose colors and patterns

Neutral shades are often preferred for living room furniture, especially sofas. Darker colors can help camouflage stains, useful for those with pets or toddlers, while lighter colors can make the space look larger.

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When choosing a neutral colored sofa, look for patterns or colorful throws and cushions to liven up the space, while for coffee tables, look for colors that make them disappear.

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