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How To Make Your Living Room Look Bright?

The living room of any house is the place to welcome guests and also often to have a get-together with family or even socialize.

how to make living room bright

So, this means the living room of the house cannot be dull or depressing. It has to be bright and should have a lot of jolliness.

If you can research and plan up well, there are a number of ways that can make the living room brighter. Here are some of the impressive ways that can help you in making your living room bright and full of sparkling energy.

The White Shade

The shade white is already something that is vibrant and bright. Adding the shade white on the walls, roof, floor, and also in the accessories of the room makes the living room not only bright but also appear quite spacious. Also, during summers, the white shade does not make the room warm and hence you can feel a sense of relaxation here.

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Adding Colors

A bit of color in the right proportion can actually make the room bright. Making use of the bright shades such as orange, yellow, green, and so on can bring in much brightness in your room. For example, bright colored curtains can be used complimenting the white frame of the window, or colored pillow covers can be used on the light colored bed sheet.


Natural Light

Nothing can be as better as the natural lights that enter your living room. Add up huge glass doors that open up to a garden or lawn from your living room. Also having huge windows really help in this case.

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During the day time, there is no such need of any kind of artificial illumination in such a situation. You just need to keep the windows open and the curtains removed from the glass doors and you can have a super bright room. It is only after the dark when you need lights to brighten up the room.

Adding Mirrors

Glasses often create great illusions of having space in your room. Having a spacious room automatically brightens it up. So, you can add up a huge mirror on one of the walls in such a way that it can have the reflection of the opposite wall.


Color the walls in light shade and you will see how the mirror reflects the lights and makes the room brighter than before.

Clutter Free

One of the main reasons why your living room becomes less bright is that you add up a lot of stuff. Whether you have a storage issue in your living room or you are just decorating the room with lots of stuff, it makes your living room quite congested.

When there is a lot of congestion in the room, it blocks the light and this way the brightness of the room reduces down. In order to bring back the brightness in your room, reduce down some of the stuff and try to make your living room a bit of clutter-free.

Alternatively, you can try the minimalist style as the style focus on creating a sense of simplicity and to reduce clutter.


Huge Windows

Once again, as mentioned before, you need to let the natural light come in to make the living room much brighter. One of the best ways is to add many tall windows.

If you have source of light outside the living room even after evenings, the huge windows will help in bringing in brightness to your living room even as the darkness approaches.

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Glass Furniture

Glass or any transparent object is great in reflecting back the lights in a great way. Hence, glass is one of such options that not only makes your living room look appealing but also is great in reflecting back the lights in a proper way so that there is brightness scattered in the room.

You can make use of glass furniture options such as glass center table, glass doors for the showcases and all. Also, you can have white color center table on which you can have glass topping. This act even better because both glass as well as the white color reflects light and this makes even brighter environment in the room.


Reflective Flooring

The more lights are reflected, the more the room becomes bright. Floor is one such area that covers up maximum of the living room and hence it is a great idea to let it reflect maximum amount of lights.

Having reflective flooring installed can help in a huge way to reflect a maximum amount of lights inside the room so that your room can become much brighter than before.


Light Curtains

If you do have huge windows but you cannot afford to keep them open and hence the room is getting dull and dark, there are options to solve this problem.

One of the ways is to make use of lighter curtains. There are various materials available today such as net, and so on that are light in texture so that the light from outside can pass through it without hampering your privacy.

There are some linen cotton curtains also that you can make use of. Just make sure that you choose the right shades and as the lighter ones so that the light can enter in the room and also lights can get reflected so that the room can get brighten up.


Artificial Lights

When you have used up all the tactics but you think nothing is getting right due to some reason or the other, the last thing that you can do is adding up more artificial lights.

You can create false ceilings and can add up ceiling lights. These look quite sophisticated and also help in adding up brightness to the room.

Similarly, you can make use of other options of artificial lights in order to bring in more brightness in your living room.

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Living room is the face of your house and hence you should always keep your living room highly arranged. You should know that the environment of any room sets the mood. The cozy environment of the bedroom makes you fall asleep; similarly, the environment of the living room should be bright and happy. There are so many different ways such as mentioned above that can actually help you n making your living room bright.

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