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Find the Best Farmhouse Sink for Your Home!

I never thought I would give kitchen sinks too much thought in my life… not until I decided to remodel my kitchen. As a mother of 5, I needed to find an efficient way of prepping food and dealing with the dishes. But I also do not want to compromise style.

best farmhouse sink

I have already decided on a farmhouse sink, but then I was stuck in a rut in choosing the best material, design, and color. With so many options in the market, I persevered to find the best farmhouse sink for my kitchen. Read on to learn what I have discovered.

What is a Farmhouse Sink?

Farmhouse sinks have been around for a long time, going way back to the 1600s when water was not yet available through pipes. The deep and wide orientation of a farmhouse sink was ideal for scrubbing large pots and pans as it stores water. They even used this to clean their clothes and wash their children.

But this type of sink has been growing in popularity again recently. With its updated design and straightforward functionality and space, homeowners and designers have taken this as their sink of choice. Farmhouse sinks are not only designed for work but as a focal point to reach a desired overall kitchen look.

Did You Know?

Ireland and London were the first to design the original styles of farmhouse sinks.

The Belfast sink from Ireland has a deep design and has an overflow that allows easy draining of excess water. The London sink from Britain was made shallow and has no overflow.

Best Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

According to Amazon, one of the best fireclay farmhouse sink in stock is the BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 Classico Apron Front Fireclay. It is in the top 5 of the Amazon best sellers for a reason. Aesthetically pleasing and functional, it is lighter than other fireclay sinks and easier to install.


  • Organic and all-natural
  • Has rounded corners for a softer look compared to other farmhouse sinks
  • Stain-resistant; handles acid and alkaline substances well
  • Easy draining because the drain hole is at the center
  • Comes with a protective grid and basket strainer


  • Large and heavy
  • The sink slope towards the drain could be better

Best Stainless-Steel Farmhouse Sink

Because of their affordability and functionality, stainless steel sinks appeal to anyone. And the Kraus KHF203-33 Standart PRO Stainless-Steel Sink does not disappoint.

If the only thing keeping me from buying this type of sink is the noise, the Kraus KHF203-33 addresses it. This model boasts of its NoiseDefend soundproofing technology, making it the quietest sink. It could very well be the best stainless steel farmhouse sink for me.


  • Classy-looking model
  • Extra-thick pads that minimize noise cover 80% of the sink
  • Dent resistant and easy to clean
  • Free accessories included


  • A bit expensive compared to other stainless-steel farmhouse sink options

Best Cast Iron Farmhouse Sink

Utility plus beauty. You can never go wrong with the KOHLER K-5827-0 Whitehaven Farmhouse Sink. It is highly durable, and it boasts of its damage, heat, and stain-resistant quality.


  • Easy to Clean. Non-porous, so it repels moisture
  • Guaranteed by Kohler to not chip, crack or burn
  • Installs easily


  • Vulnerable to rust if left untreated or uncleaned, especially at the bottom. Better to buy a bottom grid for protection.

Best Copper Sink

Who can resist the embossed apron front design of the Vintage MetalCrafts 42″ Vine Design Copper Farmhouse Sink? It’s not only luxurious, but it’s also utilitarian, offering two equal-sized bowls that provide ample room to work.


  • Anti-bacterial since it’s made from pure copper
  • Durable with a 16 gauge and lead-free copper
  • Beautiful apron front design of embossed vines
  • Two bowls allowing for multi-tasking


  • Does not have a matching drainage strainer
  • Not resistant to scratches because of the smooth surface


Farmhouse sinks are not just a fad but are now a staple in every home. Anyone will appreciate the efficiency and the beauty they bring to any kitchen. I hope this list helps you in finding the farmhouse sink that would best suit your need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Farmhouse Sinks

Are Farmhouse Sinks Hard to Install?

Some types, such as cast iron and fireclay, are heavy and may require professional help in their installation. However, anyone can easily install a farmhouse sink since the process is straightforward. You can refer to the simple steps above if you are thinking of doing it on your own.

Do Farmhouse Sinks Scratch Easily?

Farmhouse sinks are a popular choice for kitchens, thanks to their classic look and versatile design. However, some people wonder if these sinks scratch easily. In general, farmhouse sinks are not particularly prone to scratching, but they can be scratched if you’re not careful. Try to avoid using sharp or abrasive cleaners on your sink, and always use a soft cloth when cleaning it. If you do notice any scratches on your sink, you can try buffing them out with a polishing pad or cream.

Which Is Better, Fireclay or Ceramic Sinks?

Both fireclay and ceramic sinks offer a smooth surface that is dirt resistant for easier cleaning. They are also very forgiving when it comes to harsh chemicals and cleaning supplies. But when it comes to durability, fireclay is a better option than ceramic as it is non-porous and heat resistant. It can withstand chips and scratches better.

What’s the Difference Between Basin and Sink?

Basin and sink are often used interchangeably. But the difference between these two is that sinks are usually installed with a water source and drains. Basins can be a standalone receptacle and are used for washing the face and hands.

Do Farmhouse Sinks Need a Special Drain?

Farmhouse sinks require a special drain that is typically deeper than traditional kitchen sinks. This is because the farmhouse sink is often larger, and the extra depth allows for more water to be collected. Without a deep drain, water may spill over the sides of the sink and onto the floor.

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