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Best Front Door Colors for Tan House

If you have a tan or beige exterior house and looking for ideas on what color to paint your front door, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover the pros and cons of different colors for your front door and the meaning of each color.

front door colors for tan house

Factors To Consider When Choosing Colors For Tan House

When choosing a new color for your home’s exterior, there are several factors to consider. The first thing to think about is whether you want a neutral color or a bold one.

A neutral color is typically a safe choice because it won’t draw attention away from other parts of the house. Bold colors, however, can make a room stand out and give it a unique appearance.

Next, you should consider the style of your home. If you live in an old house, you might want to choose a color that matches the existing decor. If you live in a newer home, you might want to pick a color that makes the house look more modern.

Finally, you should also consider the weather where you live. If you live in cold climates, you might want to select a darker color to keep heat inside the house. On the other hand, if you live in warmer climates, you might want a lighter color to reflect the sun’s rays.


If you want to attract attention to your home, then you should consider using a deep blue color for the front door. It is an excellent choice because it is a strong color that will draw people’s eyes towards your house.

Meaning of Blue Front Door

Blue doors represent prosperity and abundance. Darker colors can project a sense of peace and tranquility.

It has been used by many famous designers. They have chosen this color because they believe that it creates a sense of calmness and tranquility.



  • The shade may not be suitable for all seasons
  • Darker shades tend to absorb light which could cause glare

Light Green

Green has always been considered as a healthy color. This means that green is good for attracting positive energy into our homes. You can use a bright green color for the front door to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Meaning of Light Green Front Door

This color can help you feel refreshed when entering your home. A dark green color would work well for a small entrance like a porch but too much of it can overwhelm the space.

In addition, since green is associated with nature, it can bring a feeling of fresh air and cleanliness. Therefore, it is perfect for those who love gardening.


  • This color looks great against dark-colored walls
  • It is very relaxing when walking through the doorway


  • Hard to compliment with other exterior paint colors


Another popular option for the front door is yellow. Yellow is another vibrant color that attracts attention. However, unlike red, yellow tends to fade quickly so you need to apply maintenance regularly.

Meaning of Yellow Front Door

Yellow front doors are uncommon, they indicate confidence, curiosity, wisdom, humor, and understanding. They may also attract attention from your neighbors.Yellow is associated with happiness and warmth. It is best to be paired with neutrals.


  • People love the way it reflects sunlight
  • It creates a warm feeling within the house


  • There are some who do not like how it appears dirty after heavy rains


Orange is yet another popular color for the front door but many homeowners prefer white instead. Orange is a cheerful color that brings warmth to the house while white gives off a clean impression.

Meaning of Orange Front Door

Orange is a bright and lively color. If your front door is orange it says the same about you. It also gives off the vibe that you enjoy entertaining and taking on new adventures.


  • It helps reduce stress levels


  • Hard to pull them off well


Although purple is often associated with royalty, it is actually a common color used by most homeowners today. Purple is said to bring calmness and relaxation to the home. Many homeowners feel relaxed when they enter their houses wearing purple clothing.

Meaning of Purple Front Door

Purple is a rare front door color. It is often associated with spirituality, making it a good choice for those who want to be open-minded and take risks. Painting your front door purple will let your neighbors know that you are open-minded and a bit of a risk taker.


  • Feel of sophistication and royalty
  • It is a calming color


  • Not everybody likes purple


Black is perhaps the darkest color available. Although it is commonly used for windows, it is also a perfect choice for the front door. Black is usually chosen by those who wish to add mystery to their house.

Meaning of Black Front Door

Black is a color that symbolically represents order and control. It tells others that you are sophisticated and authoritative.


  • It adds depth to the house
  • It provides privacy


  • Some homeowners believe that it draws negative energies into the house


Many homeowners choose brown because they think it makes them look more mature. Brown is an earthy color that is believed to be suitable for older generations. It is also a safe color that will blend well in any type of environment.

Meaning of Brown Front Door

Depending on the shade, brown means you’re warm, reliable, introverted and private.


  • It blends well with other colors
  • It is easy to maintain


  • You may have to repaint your entire house if you decide to change the color from time to time


Grey is one of the safest colors for the front door. Grey is a neutral color that works perfectly with almost every interior design style. The only thing grey cannot hide is dirt or stains. If you want to make sure that there are no marks left behind then you should consider painting over the existing paint before installing new ones.

Meaning of Grey Front Door

Grey doors can be associated with intelligence and dignity, but they can also come off as standoffish, depending on the shades you choose.


  • Its versatility
  • Its safety factor


  • If you plan to install glass panels at the front door, you might run into problems since grey is not transparent enough


The last color we would recommend for the front door is red. Red is a bold color that stands out. When combined with light shades such as cream, pink, or lavender, it becomes a beautiful combination.

Meaning of Red Front Door

Red is one of the most popular front door colors in America today. It means “welcome. But if your home is dark red, it also means “warm and inviting.”


  • A lot of homeowners appreciate the color’s power
  • It is a strong color


  • Many homeowners find this color very aggressive

Best Front Door Color For Feng Shui

front door color for feng shui

Feng Shui is all about harmonizing different elements of life so that everything can work together smoothly. One element that plays a major role in Feng Shui is the front door. Below will help you understand what kind of impact each color has on people living inside the house.


This bright yellow color is known to attract wealth and prosperity. Yellow is considered to be good luck and happiness. People who live near yellow buildings tend to experience better health than others.


People who live around green homes tend to get along with nature much easier. They are happier and healthier than those who reside next to duller colored houses. Green are generally preferred by these individuals.


Those who live close to blue-colored houses tend to be creative and artistic. Blue is also thought to increase mental clarity. Those who live near blue houses tend to be smarter than average.


As you can see, choosing the right front door color depends mostly on how you feel when entering your home. We hope this article can help you choose the color for your tan house.

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