Bird of Paradise Plant for Interior Design

Gardening Bird of Paradise Plant for Interior Design

Bird of Paradise is one of the most spectacular and most striking flowering plants in tropical to semi-tropical areas. The growing conditions for paradise birds are particular, particularly in terms of the temperature range. Northern gardeners, however, are not desperate. It can be grown in a container.

Birds of paradise are large plants, which are relatively easy to grow, which give any indoor area a bold tropical flair. A paradise bird can grow to more than six feet indoors with proper care. The large arching leaves of your home make a spectacular and graceful statement.

How Bird of Paradise can be used in Interior Designing?

In a living room a large green bird of paradise leaves can complement the walls. I’d like to look for some green plants, especially behind the chairs, to balance a sea of intense color, but that’s a good start.

Bird of paradise plants well balances the flourishing orchid at Portland, Oregon, home, and offset the formal symmetry that can make a room look sometimes more like a hotel hall than a house.
Plants are a very impressive way to add life to a space, because they are not only alive and breathing, but not perfect too!

A little imperfection in the shape of a plant with a mind can be a great way to make your home comfortable and lively, especially if you would not like to look messy. In contrast, a chaotic plant is also balancing a little familiar mess.

Some of the ways how bird of Paradise plant can be used in a certain area for interior case are as follows:

For a living area

For a contemporary living area, Bird of Paradise is a great choice as it connects residents far below the tropical environment and diminishes the sterility of the cityscape. The pair of plants provides a grounding symmetry and adds vertical interest to this open space, which are an important element everywhere.

Bird of Paradise does the fascinating but impersonal view of cityscape great work to give human touches. Some true green is a welcome touch of color in a seaside of black polish, and indeed, through a chunkier pot and possibly two paradise birds planted together you’d like to see a little greener in that far corner it’s quite a bit of blank wall space that could have some great tropical leaves.

A home with ceiling can look great with this!

Having a ceiling in this Seattle home, it guarantees a very large floor is a perfect example of a room which will benefit from a Strelitzia nicolai. The plant is well placed, however, and at the end of the curved couch can be a visual anchor, and the eye has a rest before you take a view to the vast sea.

A best contrast in a modern home

In a modern home, the Bird of Paradise works very well and fills this corner well and brings in the exterior. However, the plant could be actually larger in this scenario to fill up the vertical space and to raise the eye instead. I look at the legs of the bank instead of the garden outside here, and I wonder if the ceiling is really low, or if it only looks like this. Isn’t it interesting how an item whose proportions aren’t correct can change the entire look? Yes, that is something amazing for the whole interior of the house.

Deborah Torres
Deborah Torres
I fell in love with home decor and interior design in the summer of 2015, when I joined an interior design company as intern. Little did I know then that a few years later, I would still be as passionate about interior design so I created this blog. Writing many posts to help others to achieve the design they like.

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