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Best Cottage Style Decor Ideas

Cottage style is a whimsical glance back to the joys of rustic living and a celebration of country life. Flowers spill from summer gardens into your cottage style decor with cabbage roses and the meandering stems of ivy echoed in graceful details of iron bed frames.

Best Cottage Style Decor Ideas

The soft spring afternoon light is awash in your cottage style room, with a dreamy base of white and cream pastels setting the stage for sudden splashes of Fuschia and raspberry and cornflower yellows. Wedgewood blues bring in the clears sky and the distant oceans into your cottage-style decor, for an ambiance of welcoming light.

If you are seeking cottage decorating ideas then read on and find out how to create your own cottage look in your home.

Cottage Color Palette

Neutral pastels set the stage for the accents and colors that unify your interiors. The white of the summer clouds should be your primary backdrop with light taupe and oyster shell and soft grays. Bring the outside in with corals, yellows, duck-egg blues, and greens in the mid color saturation range between pastel and full color.

Cottage Style Color Palette

Nothing quite captures the decor cottage style like old-fashioned floral prints on the wallpaper, bedding, and cushions. If you wish to bring a modern feel to your cottage theme, bring some stripes and Chevron designs into the mix and shake things up a bit, cottage style.

Create Depth and Contrast with Textures

Trimming and fringes add texture to your pillows and curtains. Create tactile interest with rag or hooked rugs and chunky knit throws. Bring the outside into your cottage living space with items commonly found in a garden or patio. Iron urns and cabinet doors fronted with painted chicken wire and wicker baskets provide a visually appealing contrast of textures.

Photo Credit: Instagram @blessed_ranch

Rattan, glass, wrought iron, and wire are unified by paint finishes and bring your country garden inside your space. Set off your wooden floors with unusual rugs and take advantage of your neutral backdrop to experiment with color and unusual textures.

Tongue and groove wainscoting is a cottage style feature that can be painted in duck egg blue or pale green to create classic lines.


Allow your personal whimsy full reign and mix and match interesting and unique furniture for a rustic, hand me down effect. Wood wrought iron and wicker blend provide visual contrasts and can be unified by painting effects. Lighter wood abounds yet feel free to place a few dark wood pieces here and there for a bit of contrast and tie together the eclectic, and lived-in feel of your cottage home.

Comb those thrift shops and flea markets for pieces with personality and use some of that wear and tear to set off your cozy space. Slipcovers are a key feature of the cottage look and can be used to give your rescued treasures a new lease on life.

Photo Credit: Instagram @willowdalecottage

Your cottage style living room is centered around your plush upholstered sofa, the embodiment of comfort, and the heart of your home. Nothing says welcome more than a gorgeous roll armed sofa with plush cushions and a homely blanket or quilt draped across it.

Detailed accents on your furniture abound, distress Laquer or stencil your wood to create a unique and personal piece.

Cottage Style Accessories

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

Gone are the days of shoe tacky plastic flowers that were nothing more than a decorative dust trap. Modern silk flowers look real enough to need water and are a breeze to keep clean. Display them copiously in a variety of containers such as mason jars, old metal, and enamel jugs, wicker baskets, and even old teapots for a charming and eccentric look.

Photo Credit: Instagram @bathtubs_and_buttercups

Thrift Shop Finds and New Uses for Vintage Objects

Have fun on your weekends, combing through flea markets and garage sales to make some magical finds. Repurpose old shutters to create a stunning headboard for your bed or use jars or metal jugs with a touch of rust to bring in a comfortable lived-in air.
Tiles aren’t stuck in the bathroom in cottage style interiors and they make their way into every room in the house for a whimsical effect. Incorporate glass, ceramic, and porcelain into your furniture, and shelves as well as fireplaces and stairwells.

Similarly, mosaics bring color and personality into the mirror and picture frames as well as counters and furniture. Mosiiac vases and serving trays are given a new life and bring color into the neutral backdrop.

Beautifully designed old Wedgewood plates or China with floral designs leave their old role as crockery and provide compelling wall features. Arrange by color or use them to add elements of asymmetry to complement your clean lines.

Photo Credit: Instagram @seadaisycottage

Memories and Imagination

Collectibles and heirlooms and sentimental knickknacks flourish in the cottage style room. The cottage style thrives on heritage and family lines and you can really give free rein to your sentimental side. Old stuffed toys and family memorabilia have a place to shine, along with embroidered quilts and knitted blankets from treasured older matriarchs.

It’s All in the Finishes

Your wooden furniture and cabinets should all show signs of the gentle wear of having been lived in. Compliment your worn surfaces by repainting some of your hand me down furniture to invest it with new life.

Photo Credit: Instagram @bambeautynfarmhouse

Shiplap and headboards are a big yes in creating your own cottage style designs and windows play a feature role in this style. Sheer window linings are decorative and bring the sea breezes gently into your space.


Cottage style decor ideas are so diverse because the true cottage style reflects the unique personality of the decorator. Romantic and nostalgic, cottage style reflects a longing for the days when time moved more slowly and the seasons were part of your home.

Cottage style is all bout memories reimagined. Forgotten vintage objects lost from their matching pieces find a home and a new purpose in cottage style rooms. The garden comes indoors with its tendrils and sudden bright flowers and the home moves outside with wicker porches made for summer afternoons.

When choosing decor cottage style, it’s all about thinking with your heart more than just a choice of the mind.

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