How to Create Hollywood Regency Style Interior?

Hollywood Regency began as a style around the time of Hollywood’s Golden Age, when film sets were extravagantly decorated. These set styles then continued on to the homes of actors and actresses, to match their opulent lifestyles. The style showcases bold, luxurious interiors that exude glamour. It is all about living life king size and making every moment spent in your house feel like a real life movie. Here’s everything you need to know about how to create the Hollywood Regency Style.


For a style that’s all about grandeur, the furniture in Hollywood Regency is kept small scale and pared down. This is due to the fact that the objective is not to draw attention to the furniture but to create a space for entertaining and socializing with others. Pieces that encourage conversations and social gatherings are recommended. Tufted seating, armchairs in velvet, wooden tables with detailed woodwork and simple furniture with metallic finishes are all utilized here in a toned down manner.

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Thick velvets, silks, and suedes are all part of the Hollywood Regency style. The allure of plush fabrics and flowing silks that makes anyone want to reach out and touch them is important to this look. Fabrics in red, gold, white and silver are often used and It is also not uncommon to spot an animal print in this style.

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The colors used in Hollywood Regency are generally shades of whites and blacks with pops of bold colors. The colors are made to be contrasting and loud. Patterns are also present but are kept minimal to keep the style from being excessive. Regal and luxurious shades of purples, reds and blues are often used for the pops of colors, and jewel tones are present throughout to complete the look.



Mirrored, metallic and lacquered finishes give this style the star power. Sleek and shiny surfaces are abundant, with glossy side tables and bed posts to lacquered cabinets. Mirrors can be seen everywhere, as mirrored finishes or decor. This doubles on the light and makes rooms appear grander. A classic decor item of the Hollywood Regency – the sunburst mirror which is a circular mirror with thin golden spokes all around, can be used in any space.

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Glamour is paramount to the Hollywood Regency style. Shiny surfaces, luxurious fabrics and jewel-toned decor amps the drama and makes anyone feel indulgent. Add a bold light fixture or a wallpaper with gold details. There is never too much glam in Hollywood Regency.

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The style of the stars, Hollywood Regency has captured imaginations for decades. The designers who created these spaces are renowned for their work even today, like Dorothy Draper and Billy Haines. It turns a simple space into a palatial abode and turns anyone into the center of attention, a star. It is not a style for the faint-hearted, as all the glitz and glamour are the opposite of toned down minimalism. Its charisma lies in being bold and overdone, and stylish at that.

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