Why Is Miniature Garden So Popular?

Gardening Terrarium Why Is Miniature Garden So Popular?

Imagine a big beautiful garden in its smallest size and version and that is what your miniature garden is. Like how a Lilliput is the smallest version of a human being, miniature garden is the lilliputian version of a garden. This becomes a customised version with carefully and selectively chosen plants which showcases the creativity of the gardener. It is like creating a magic world of plants on your own with the theme you love the most.

Miniature generally refers to anything small, so a garden of such small size is a miniature garden which has a great combination of tiny terrarium plants, trees, any accessories to enhance the look to mimic the living garden on earth. Simply put, a miniature garden becomes a garden in miniature.

Why the growing trend

These miniature gardens have gained huge popularity among enthusiasts who are having a limited space but are keen on gardening. The tree lovers and plant enthusiasts find this an impeccable way to satisfy their senses by getting into miniature gardening. This can also satisfy their aesthetic sense as it gives them a chance to tap on their creative skills in creating a world of their own. As it is more or less similar to a life size gardening but in a tiny scale. They can add up what all things that they can imagine depending on the size of the miniature.

There are plenty of art supply stores which also provide these garden enthusiasts to unleash their hidden creative side. Suppose you have a theme in your mind, then you can showcase your creativity in the garden by picking up things related to your theme and the more creative you are, the more beautiful is your garden. You can choose any theme like Easter garden, fairy garden, basket garden, farm garden, daddy’s garden, beachfront and the list goes on.

Things you can add to your garden

Practically you can add anything that comes to your mind. The size is the limit. If you stick to your theme and decide on your size, then you can add anything that suits your theme like miniature benches or chairs, tables, water fountains, pebbles, toys, lights, carts etc. You must be wondering how can we accommodate such big things in the small garden.

No !! These things are also available in their minutest sizes to add beauty to your miniature garden. Yes !! This is a boon to the garden enthusiasts who can imagine and create what they imagine. Everything is available in their tiny sizes and they are just a click away without even stepping out of the houses in search of them.

What can be grown as miniature plants

There are plenty to choose from which can be grown in a small container. It depends on your imagination and the way you want your garden to be. Be it air pants, trees, lawn, bonsai trees, succulents, flowering varieties, fragrant varieties, to shrubs there is nothing that can’t be part of your tiny little garden.

Miniature Garden - Succulents

Key points to consider while growing a tiny little garden

Mimic the real garden

Like I said, it’s a miniature garden of the living garden. So, it must look  similar to the original live gardens out there. You are free to choose the theme but it’s important to concentrate on the small details like choosing the height of the trees and bedding of your garden. Their positioning also will add great value. You may consider adding small trees for height and lawns or shorter plants to create a lush bedding and it’s also important that their light and water needs to be maintained for a successful miniature garden.


There are plenty of bulbs which come in various sizes to fit the lamps and it’s important to place one in your garden.


Optimal temperatures are to be maintained all through  the year for the indoor plants.

Type of soil

It’s always best to use organic soil without any artificial chemicals and fertilisers.


This is the most important thing to consider as too much of water leads to water clogging which harbours germs which  in-turn destroys your plants. So may be you can consider a pot with a drainage hole to begin with.

Creating your own little garden

Get a pot or a container to match your needs

You can setup your own little marvel in any container of your choice ranging from plastic or terracotta to a porcelain pot. But all you need is a pot with drainage holes to allow draining of water. These days most of the clay or terracotta pots come with holes and you need a big container to make sure it can house all your garden. If you are a person who is good at recycling you may even consider to use any broken pot if you have.

Adding soil and stones

As mentioned above, prefer using an organic potting soil and add it at the bottom of the container. For decoration you are free to add any stones or pebbles and addition of stones also prevents clogging of water. Garden enthusiasts also suggest adding some horticultural charcoal for better plant growth.

Selection of plants

This is important because you need to pick up plants that will stay small and are easy to grow in limited spaces. Few examples include geraniums, begonias, herbs, moss etc.

Potting the soil

Soil must be added to the container up to the rim and it depends on the way you want your garden to appear.Make holes to put plants in the pot. You can elevate on one side or lower it depending on the scape. If the container is glass you may add stones which not only enhances the look but help in proper draining and also supply of nutrients.

Adding plants to the container

After the addition of soil you need to add plants with utmost care to prevent breaking the root ball. This will ensure beautiful plants. Spacing is important to avoid looking clumsy. Tall plants must be placed in the backside and short ones in the front. Make space for the accessories if you are adding any. Make sure the plants are rooted in the holes made and once done water them.

Addition of accessories

This is the most creative step which can be made according to your taste and you may add a chair or a bench or a bridge depending on the theme. If you are a minimal person you may simply leave by adding few beads etc. Addition of rocks or figurines will make your garden look more lively and beautiful. Some people even wish to add some stones as a pathway and one can be as creative as they can.

Care to be taken

Once your garden is set up, you may place it in such a way that your garden gets enough indirect sunlight because sunlight is important for the growth of plants. Enough watering is important and trim the leaves when needed.

So start working on a suitable theme and create a miniature garden which showcases all your talent and liking and you may even consider gifting it to others so that you can leave an everlasting impression.

Featured Image Source: Lenny&Meriel at Flickr

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