What to Put in A Terrarium Besides Plants?

Gardening What to Put in A Terrarium Besides Plants?

In recent times, Terrariums have been more and more in popularity. Terrariums or the miniature plant ecosystems encased in a bottle or other glass containers have been enjoyed as low-upkeep indoor gardens. These can be seen in the cafes, home and garden magazines, and are imperative to any modern apartment.

These days we have also observed a new trend, where these Terrariums are used for several other things other than plants! They are used as decorations, lighting and to display the most cherished object arts. Read on to know the list of elements used in Terrarium that do not involve plants of any kind.

Things Used in Terrarium Besides Plants

Food Display

Apart from plants, terrariums or the glass cloches can be used to display food. These glass cloches are glass-based, have tiny ventilation holes to prevent mistiness and are designed using recycled materials. You can arrange a few mouthwatering treats and serve them in a way that sparks. These terrariums can also be filled with all kinds of yummy goodies, cupcakes, brownies, truffles, or even candies.

Special Occasion Centerpiece

Using a glass cloche or terrarium as a unique occasion centerpiece is top among several preferred uses of a terrarium. This self-build look is effortless to create and varies based on the occasion. For example, for Christmas, you can fill these terrariums with colored ornaments, starts, and other decorative items, or fill with scary and ghostly decorative treats for Halloween and so on.

Once you have visualized your masterpiece, now you can place all the accessories and features in their respective places. This step gives you an option to experiment on different arrangements so that their placements can be changed depending on the need.

Interior Display

These glass cloche variation of the terrarium can be used as a part of an interior display on a table or a fireplace shelf. Design them with the most treasured items such as small status, different sized colorful candles, glittering stars, or a decorative figurine. You can also decorate these with a romantic heart that is surrounded by battery-powered fairy light. It adds a magical romantic feeling to the table and sets the tone for those pleasant evening or to the intimate dinner parties.

Hanging Flowers

Using the terrariums for hanging is a fanciful idea for beautifying your next special occasion. You can hang these beautiful flower-filled terrariums from the ceiling to add an elegant touch to your indoor space or hang outside on a tree branch to warm up your outdoor space. You can include just a single rose on display in the glass terrarium or a cluster of colorful buds and you will surely love the look. You can choose from the wide variety of hanging terrarium shapes – diamond, teardrop, pyramid, and cube shapes.

Floating Candles

Filling the glass terrariums with colorful candles of different sizes is another beautiful way of using them apart from plants. You can hang them either inside the house or in the garden and light them during nightfall to add a fantastic mood to the special occasion. You can also use fairy lights if you are not comfortable with the naked flames hanging around the place.

Decorative Centerpiece Table

The decorative glass terrariums can be used for much more than just soil and plants. When these are not used for terrarium duties, they can be used as an outstanding fanciful bowl for the center of the dining table or a coffee table. You may fill these bowls with fancy colored balls, exotic fruits, or pine cones. The Rose Gold Footed Bowl would be the perfect choice for this home decor.

Aroma Bowl

Another perfect way of using the underutilized glass terrarium bowl is as an aroma bowl. This is done by pouring water into the glass bowl, add few drops of essential oil of your choice, fill the bowl with sweet-smelling flowers and candles, and allow it to float in the water. This gives the most heavenly smell for many days as well as a dream-filled look.

Customizable little marvels

Depending on the size and theme, let me give you a few examples of how and what to include in your terrariums.

Suppose if you wish to make a tabletop water park for your terrarium, then you can place it over your coffee table. Depending on the size, you may want to pick up a bowl or a big coffee mug and add terrarium plants, charcoal pieces, rocks with a layer of organic potting soil, and not to miss watering it. You may add a small tiny bridge or some furniture to make it look appealing on the coffee table.

Simple tabletop terrariums include a mix of succulents and palms with some potting soil, activated charcoal or activated carbon along with some gravel and you are done.
Considering a terrarium that goes on to any mantle, you may pick up a huge glass mug and add some twigs, moss, soil, gravel, and water. Since this is an open kind of terrarium addition of water is the key not to lose its freshness.

You may also add extra sparkle for a cozy evening or a dinner party by adding some fairy lights, statues or figurines to add a whimsical touch to the terrarium.

A few examples of plants that can go into terrariums would be baby tears, and Ficus reopens, miniature Ivy etc.

There are also specific structures that may be added to the terrarium like fences, buildings, benches, bridges etc.

There are plenty of lanterns and lights and also seasonal decorations to begin with.

These are the optional items that can be added to the terrariums. Now let’s get into the details of the mandatory items to go into the miniature gardens.

Final Thoughts

I hope the above-listed ideas will help you to decorate your beautiful terrariums with various decorative objects of your choice apart from plants. Ensure that you do not let things get too stressful since succulent gardening is supposed to be a lot of fun and beneficial.

Featured Image Source: dbterrariums from Instagram

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