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How to Cover a Doorway Without Door

A lot of people think that a door is require to cover a doorway to separate two rooms or divide one large room to smaller spaces. However, there are several reasons why this isn’t always the case.

how to cover a doorway without door

There are some tips to cover a doorway with no door. These will help you to decor your home and increase your security at the same time. You can change them from time-to-time to refresh the interior of the house without much expenses.

Let us show you some ideas to cover a doorway without using a door.


Curtains are very popular in many homes because they provide privacy as well as add style to any space. They also make it easy for homeowners to control light entering their living areas.

If you want to use curtains to hide a doorway, then choose ones that match the color scheme of your walls. This way, you won’t have to worry about matching colors when choosing curtains.

You may even consider adding an extra layer of protection by covering the entire area behind the curtain with fabric.

Folding Screens

Foldable screens are great if you don’t like having doors on all sides of your entryways. If you do not need to block off access through the screen, then fold it up against the wall so that only part of the opening remains visible.

There are many types of folding screen material that can be used to make them. They can be made out of wood, fabric, rice paper, and other materials. They come in different patterns, sizes, and colors.


Another option would be to place bookcases along both sides of the entrance. The bookshelves should extend past the edge of the doorway into the hallway.

This also gives you more storage options while still providing enough separation between the rooms. It looks nice too!

Barn Doors

Barn doors are another good choice for hiding a doorway. They look really cool and give a rustic feel to any room.

They usually consist of wooden slats which slide horizontally across each other. There are various designs available such as barn doors with windows, sliding glass doors, etc.

Beaded Strings

Beads are small decorative items that can easily fit inside a string. Use these beads to create a beautiful pattern to cover doorway.

The best thing about beadwork is that it doesn’t take long to complete. So, you can start working right away after buying the supplies.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are perfect for dividing rooms. They offer excellent insulation properties and allow natural lighting to enter the room.

These shades are especially useful during hotter months since they keep heat outside but let sunlight pass through.

Reasons to Cover Your Doorway Without a Door

It can be useful for a house with a handicapped or elderly person if there is no door. They can also be helpful if they are light weight. However, most doors are very heavy and this may make it difficult for a handicapped or elderly individual to open. Especially when there is no one at the house with the handicapped or elderly person, doors leave them disadvantaged.

Are you confused on how your doorway could be safer without a door? If you live in a home with kids, it is better to have a doorway with no door. Doors with hinges are always heavy, and more difficult to open, for kids.

Children are often unable to reach the handles of doors. They also have so much energy, which is evident in their playing and exploring around the house. These factors make them prone to accidents involving the door.

How to Disguise a Door

There are many reasons why you might want to disguise a door. Maybe you’re trying to keep your home’s interior layout a secret from guests, or maybe you just don’t like the look of traditional doors. Whatever the reason, there are many ways to disguise a door.

One way to disguise a door is by using a sliding door track kit. This kit allows you to install a track on the top of your doorframe and then hang a curtain or piece of fabric from the track. This will allow you to close off the doorway without having to use a traditional door.

Another way to disguise a door is by using a bookcase or cabinet. You can either install the cabinet in front of the door or use it as a room divider. The cabinet will also serve as a storage for items in your home.

A third way to disguise a door is by using a paneling cover or panel. This cover will hide the door’s interior from guests and give the illusion that you have more space than you do.

Related Questions

How Do You Divide A Room Without A Door?

If you want to divide a large space into smaller ones, you will need to use curtains instead of doors. This way, you won’t have to worry about people getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Curtains provide privacy and security from unwanted visitors. Curtains also help prevent noise from entering the room.

However, you must ensure that the curtains match well with the rest of the decor. Otherwise, it might ruin the overall appearance of the room.

Do You Have To Have A Door On A Bathroom?

No matter what type of bathroom you have, whether it has an bathtub or shower, having a door on the bathroom is not necessary. In fact, some bathrooms don’t even have doors.

You can choose to install a towel rail instead of a door. Or, you can opt for a mirror over the toilet bowl. Both of these ideas work just fine.

How to Soundproof if There Is No Door?

There are many ways to sound proof a room without installing a door. One option would be to hang blankets on the walls. Another method is to put up acoustic tiles.

Both methods do wonders in reducing background noises. The only drawback is that both require time and effort.

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