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Is Scandinavian Design Minimalist?

Understanding the language of design can prove to be rather daunting but becomes important when picking pieces to suit specific tastes of a home. Confusion comes into play when determining whether Scandinavian design can be construed as a minimalist style as minimalism is a design concept all of its own. They are comparable in their simplicity of style and practicality of function. But where do their differences come in?

Is Scandinavian Design Minimalist?

Scandinavian design focuses on the use of organic materials, natural colors and minimal shapes in open spaces that maximize any sunlight that the wintry area may allow the residents to see.

Minimalist design focuses on industrial materials with geometric shapes in an open, glowing space with a more black and white-type of color scheme. There is an emphasis on function and simplicity with the furnishings, but over time this design concept has become much softer with a vast array of textures and cozier concepts.

The Differences

The major difference between the two varying design mediums is the materials that they each incorporate. With minimalist, there will be the use of stainless steel, lacquered plastic, chrome. In Scandinavian design, you will see a concentration on more organic-type materials such as curved wood, hemp rugs, woven baskets. With each style, there is a lack of clutter or ornamentation.

When designers speak of minimalism, there are highlights to architecture of the interior and that will be what shines above all of the elements incorporated. The space is extremely streamlined with the space open and hints of masculinity. Things are not dressed up, flaws are not hidden, and function is the ultimate goal.

When discussing Scandinavian design, architecture is the least of the focus with it being more about how you live within the space. This style is going to be much more cozy with a concentration on your comfort and allowing an inviting feel. Scandinavian design employs natural, organic materials and textures making the space livable. This design incorporates neutral colors and natural light.

How To Do These Style Right

Scandinavian design and Minimalist style both employ the concept that less is more. In order to make sure that you do either of these styles ideally to prevent a space that simply looks sparse, try incorporating these steps:

  • Quality. Purchase ‘effective’ furniture of the highest quality since there is going to be a limited amount of it placed in the home. You’ll want it to be elegant and practical.
  • Details. In keeping the lines clean and simple, details should be few but stand out such as intricate trim, specific embroidery on pillows, a variety of different textures to add a sense of richness.
  • Light. Light becomes an accessory with minimalistic spaces. Use the natural light as much as possible and play it up with unique window treatments. Add unusual lighting elements to the room for added interest.

Simplicity, clean lines, and functionality is what the Scandinavian design concept is about and they have nailed it, naturally.

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