Why Is Scandinavian Design So Popular?

Scandinavian Design Why Is Scandinavian Design So Popular?

Scandinavian design continues to draw a massive audience today after first making a global impact back in the 1950s. The attraction appears to be in the clean lines of its minimalistic look along with the natural colors on the walls and floors and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down among its growing audience.

More people are enjoying the Scandinavian design than ever before for the way it makes their home shine but also how it brings them functionality. What are some other reasons people are flocking to this style?

With its focus being on craftsmanship, clean lines, and materials, Scandinavian design remains as relevant in today’s market as it did when it exploded on the scene back in the day. It is created as a way to maximize the light and bring in spaces that are free from any type of ornamentation or clutter.

But what makes this style so sought after among the population?


Scandinavian design was credited with heading the minimalist movement as the two so seamlessly fit together with the products denoting a sleek simplicity offering very few adornments. Some may see a Scandinavian design and view it as ‘bare’ in appearance. What the style lacks in furnishings or interiors can be made up for by the personal stamp of accessorization including art, rugs, pillows.


Scandinavian design can be viewed as optimistic with its light, natural aesthetics. There is no fear of an oppressive, dark style dragging down the interiors because the Scandinavian style allows for the short days with its appeal lifting the overall mood of the rooms.


The popularity extending for nearly a century contributes to the evidence of Scandinavian design timelessness. This style is not one that will go out with the next gaudy fad. The idea of decorating once and not having to do it again means using the Scandinavian design. The modern style is classic and understated.


Scandinavian design allows for pieces that perform multi-functional duties which are ideal for apartment dwellers or those who live in smaller spaces. Multi functionality is particularly common among many of the wooden furniture pieces that are true to the style.


A big draw for Scandinavian design is its organic, natural emphasis with many designers taking their inspiration straight from nature using materials including teak.

Scandinavian design withstood the test of time due to the versatility of its minimalistic design, the appeal of the multi functionality of the furniture pieces that it provides, and the overall quality of the brands that are offered. Each piece that is placed in a Scandinavian home gives immediate visual pleasure but also presents practicality that is necessary for everyday living.

It’s simple to jam pack a room with useless clutter, but in a Scandinavian home, you will find a sense of functional elegance. This is why the Scandinavian design is so popular, classic, modern, and able to go on through generation to generation.

Deborah Torres
Deborah Torres
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