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How to Create Nordic Interior Design

The idea of the Nordic Design can be stated somewhere after the Second World War and since then it has been in great demand. The styling started from Northern Europe and now it has spread out to many other parts of the world.

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Some of the main features of the design are clean lines, minimal stuff, and airy feel. Due to such features, many of the people today are looking forward to having this type of design for their interiors.

Though this Scandinavian Design is all about minimal things, it is not always to get your room interior done just with the help of the pictures available on the internet. This is the reason, it is much important to get some tips and tricks that can be helpful in getting the set up done.

What Is Nordic Style in Interior Design?

Nordic design is a relatively new design movement that focuses on simplicity and functionality. The term, “Nordic Design” was coined in 2005 and it has been rooted in the ideas that originated in Scandinavia where it began as a regional trend before becoming popular around the globe.

Designers from this region often follow the principles of “less is more” and create furniture, lighting, and other objects that are pleasing to the eye without distraction of superfluous decoration.

Difference Between Scandinavian and Nordic Interior Design

Both Scandinavian and Nordic design are popular around the world for their simplistic, modern style. When people think of Scandinavian design they envision clean lines and a minimalistic approach to furnishing. A Nordic interior may include vibrant colors and updated furniture pieces with an edgy, youthful feel.

Designers in Scandinavia and Nordic countries use design principles that equip their design with sustainable materials, minimalist lines, and an airy feel. Regardless of which country in the region it is, designers often use light-colored wood, organic fabrics, and natural lighting in their spaces to create a tranquil and environmentally conscious space.

However, these two design styles can be differentiated on many levels: Scandinavian design typically has a more avant-garde approach while Nordic design is always grounded in nature.

Is IKEA a Scandinavian or Nordic?

The Ikea is a company that has both Scandinavian and Nordic connections. It was started by Ingvar Kamprad, an entrepreneur from Sweden, who wanted to make affordable furniture for the people of his country.

However, it’s not only based in Scandinavia. It has many stores in countries like Poland, Russia, Germany and Slovakia. The company does have a Nordic connection in its roots but it hasn’t been able to stay exclusively in the Nordics.

How to Create Nordic Interior Design?

Should you be looking to create a Nordic interior design? There are some key elements that must be included in the design, if it is to be considered authentic. These include simplicity, functionality, authenticity, pure colors, and natural materials. To create an authentic feel in your space, incorporating these elements below:

Using the Right Furniture

The furniture plays an important role in the Nordic designing of your interior. This is because not all types of furniture fit in this kind of styling. The furniture options selected for the Scandinavian design is more towards natural and simpler. They should be simpler in looks and should have much cleaner lines.

Source: @kismet_house

Due to such crisp reflection, the furniture acts as the focal point of the entire room. It can be the dining table set that is laid at the center of the dining room or it can the tea table set that is arranged in between the lush greenery of the garden.

Nordic Color Palette

Selection of the right colors is very much important because it offers as a base for the other things to happen and decorate. If you consider the modern mid-century times, they made use of dark shades such as blue and green. But when it comes to the Nordic designs, it is more into the lighter shade such as whites. The main motto to do so is to keep the interior light and fresh.

Based on this concept, there are many options that can be gone for such as the pastels as well as the neutrals. Some of the amazing colors that can do really wonder are the Stone White and Medici Grey.


Negative Space

The empty space of the negative space is the basic feature of any minimal interior design. This is the same for the Nordic design too. One of the best ways to get such negative space is by starting from scratch. You should remove all the things from the room, put up the colors on the walls, set up the furniture and then put up things one by one, only those there are important. In such a designing, cabinets and cupboards are used so that the extra pieces can go inside them. This way space is maintained.

Source: @brepurposed

Adding Warmth

The Nordic design is all about freshness and at the same time, it is also about comfort and warmth. Hence, there are a lot of accents used to make the entire interior look warm and comfy. There are also a number of other minimal designs available but they might give out a feeling of coldness. In the case of the Nordic design, there is more comfort and warmth. For such a feeling, a number of cushions and pillows are used. Also, there can be a throw rug on the floor.

Apart from the fabrics, there are also a number of other ways of how warmth can be reflected in the room. This can be through the use of warm colors in the room such as red or orange and also by arranging plants and other greenery options.

Source: @thespoiledhome

After the whole decor is set, it may happen that you may feel not at ease if you had that habit of being in a room that is all clustered. But soon you can feel the positive vibes of the room and will be able to utilize the space in a much fruitful way.

Of course, it may happen that if there is some very extra space left out, it can be used in installing another furniture that can match up with the already furniture that is there in the room.

Just the basic features should be known and you will be able to come up with the best Nordic design for your interiors.

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