What Colors Go with Modern Farmhouse?

Modern Farmhouse What Colors Go with Modern Farmhouse?

A modern farmhouse is beautiful. It’s a style that can add a lot of appeal and really show off that country feel. Finding the right colors to go along with the rustic wood can be one of the more enjoyable decisions a homeowner can make.

Modern Farmhouses bring us back to the days when life was a lot more simpler. A little bit more nature and little less technology. The mixture of wood tones matched with older pieces that exude character. With the right paint job, that modern farmhouse can turn into the tranquil living space you’ve always desired.


Magnolia Homes offers the color shiplap. It is a creamy white that has weathered the storm. White always opens up a home and makes it feel bigger and fresh. Whether the house is actually covered in shiplap or not, this white design idea from Joanna Gaines is the perfect place to start when figuring out a color to fit the modern farmhouse.

Raging Bull

Behr offers the color “Raging Bull”. In terms of sounding pretty awesome, Raging Bull looks pretty awesome, too. It is a warm, almost brick looking color that gives you the color you would expect to see when you pull up to a barn. The vibe that Raging Bull would give off would exude what a modern farmhouse would look like.

Many people have suggested that they use this color on accent pieces rather than on the walls. They feel as though the brick red would be a little too much on a wall as opposed to really letting it pop on an accent piece.

Repose Gray

Gray is becoming more and more popular these days because of the neutral tone it offers to the design colors used for other parts of the room. Almost every designer would most likely give the recommendation to use gray in any room, but especially as part of the modern farmhouse look. The warm tone that it gives off matches great with the wood used throughout the room. They are a perfect match together.

Misty China Rain Green

Glidden offers this really stylish Misty China Rain Green color. It is very soothing and is another great match for the modern farmhouse. People sometimes shy away from green because of how vivid it can be, but this particular green is about as smooth and light as they come. And, nothing says nature like the color green. This would be a paint choice that would make you a lot more satisfied than you might think.


Clare Paint offers a unique color of beige. Beige is another color very popular with people because it is not over the top and not too light. It gives the homeowner the opportunity to really go to work on the design of the room knowing that a neutral color is surrounding them.

In the end, it all comes down to your personal taste and style. Look at the wood that your modern farmhouse has to offer and build a color off of that. It is the wood that you want to eventually pop in the room, so allow yourself the opportunity to choose a color that can make that happen.

Deborah Torres
Deborah Torres
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